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Welcome to the official Website of the
Wantagh/Seaford Homeowners Association

The objectives of the Wantagh/Seaford Homeowners Association (WSHA) are:

1. To protect and enhance the suburban landscape of our communities against over-development and urban encroachment;

2. To promote and encourage residents to join together to foster projects that preserve both open space and the historical/traditional scheme of structures and facilities within the communities;

3. To oppose zoning or projects that create visual pollution or otherwise endanger the environmental well-being or health, safety or welfare of the residents of Wantagh and Seaford;

4. To foster activities and programs that raise public awareness of community events, concerns or problems of any nature; and

5. To actively formulate policies and strategies to ensure that the public sector, including all governments and each of their subdivisions, is responsive to the retention of the suburban ideal.


WSHA Contact Information

409-1645 Phone
804-4756 Fax


Important Phone Numbers

785-5220 Animal Control
571-7364 Cedar Creek Emergency/Complaints
573-0636 Nassau Emergency Management
409-9000 Seaford Website
679-0100 Wantagh Chamber of Commerce
378-5320 Wantagh/Seaford Citizen
409-1645 Wantagh/Seaford Homeowners Assoc
409-9000 Wantagh Website

Officers for 2016

Ella Stevens

Wantagh Vice President:
Donna Hartofilis

Seaford Vice President:
Kathy Milone

Amy DiFransesca

Corresponding Secretary:
Christopher Carini

Recording Secretary:
Cathy Brust

Board of Trustees:
Chris Schneider (Seaford)
Fred Parola (Wantagh)
Kevin Rollando (Wantagh)
Ralph Spagnolo (Wantagh)
Kurt Faraczek (Wantagh)
Erin Sweeney (Wantagh)


Upcoming Meetings

Please refer to the Wantagh Calendar for upcoming WSHA meetings:

wsha arrowWantagh Calendar

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If you are a member and would like access to the WSHA restricted area, please fill out a request slip at the next meeting.


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